Op Shop finds in melbourne

Melbourne Op Shop heaven

OOp shops are great. Melbourne has an abundance of great Op shops and every day you can find something new. Not all op shops are equal. Some are very old fashioned and some are just plain messy. Whenever I stumble across a good op shop, it’s normally very inviting. Things are sorted in a way you can browse through easily. There are always some beautiful pieces to be found in these stores unlike the “messy” ones.

It’s almost as if people who donate to these places know that their loved or unwanted items are going to a nice place. This op shop was one that was definitely at the top of the list of great op shops around Melbourne. It’s neat and tidy and it’s also colour co-ordinated! I picked up a gorgeous silk skirt, a cardigan, lots of belts and some jewellery. The prices there were very reasonable. Unfortunately I’m not going to name this one. You’ll just have to go a visit a new op shop to try and discover it.

pink in op shop

purple op shop finds

collage of different op shop finds in Melbourne