Melbourne Flower Show event photography

What more could a girl ask for than a warm night of great company, nibbles, bubbles and flowers! Jansz Tasmania hosted a lovely Sparkling Courtyard Soiree set within the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show at the Carlton Gardens. (here a blog post from last time I went)

We enjoyed delicious food paired with sparkling wine from the Jansz range, followed by a masterclass in floral design by the lovely Holly Hopewell of The Flower Drum.

Jansz Sparkling Courtyard  at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show

Jansz’ Maxine Harris shared her expertise on how to pair sparkling wine with food, which was not something new to me as I’m such a fan of sparkling and have loved it with food! Holly helped us to create lovely floral combinations which would add a whole load of loveliness to our dining table and wow our dinner guests. Their were Proteas, Tulips, Roses, velvety feeling flowers and Peonies to choose from. Guess which flowers were the most popular amongst us ladies??

Melbourne dinner events – Photography

It’s always lovely to have dinner and drinks in great company. The setting at the Jansz Tasmania Sparkling Courtyard was so divine! Being a wedding photographer, the setup ticks all the right boxes for a special occasion. The arbor and swing was a fabulous touch to the setting, it was just a pity that we were having way too much fun and missed out on having a photo on it when the light was right! I still hopped on for a little swing after sunset, before it was time to depart.

Thank you so much for a fine evening. My floral centrepiece is just divine! I did come home with a few more Peonies than most, but I swear that I gave everyone plenty of time to grab some before I hogged them!

Will definitely pay Jansz a visit when I head to Tasmania some time soon!

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Because it was too dark to take photos of my floral masterpiece, I took some pics the following day of it. And, because I had a lot of flowers, I was able to create another beautiful display of Peonies and Tulips as well. Maybe floristry is my next calling!

flower bouquet pink flowers - bouquet on clan backdrop