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Once Upon The Bridge Of Love

Spring is in the air all year round in Paris, on the Pont Des Arts. Each year, thousands of lovebirds flock to this bridge to secure a lock (with their names engraved on it) as a sign of commitment to each other. Hundreds of thousands of locks have been placed there, causing part of the railing of the bridge to collapse due to the weight of those locks!

Earlier this year they have estimated that approximately 700,000 locks have been placed there, with more added as tourists flocked there during spring. There are lock sellers standing on the bridge, waiting to engrave your names on one! We didn’t want to add a lock to the masses which were already there, we did a photo shoot instead (see below).

Don’t place a lock … do this instead …

There’s so many other ways to show that you love someone besides attaching a lock to a bridge and throwing away the key! One of those ways would be through music. Write your loved one a beautiful tune or sing them a love song if you are talented enough! For the rest of us, we can just dedicate a piece of beautiful music. Even better, you can take your loved one to watch how the professionals show their affections for each other – see the romantic, heart-warming, laughter provoking, tear-jerking “Once”.

Date night

“Once” is a musical based on a low-budget movie, where the actors composed which won them critical acclaim and many awards. It’s worth watching the movie first to understand what it’s about. My big love had to look after our little one, so my teenage daughter was my date for the show.

A mother and daughter date was due anyhow. Admittedly, I had my reservations about whether she would enjoy the show after watching the movie with her. It was a beautiful love story, but it was a little too deep and meaningful for a thirteen year old. She did enjoy the music and humour.

Once the Musical – A must see …

The musical “Once” turned out to be a really lovely treat. The music was even more enjoyable as we were familiar with it and the story was re-written to be a lot more comical! It was a full house on the night we went and I found myself bursting into laughter, along with the rest of the audience, throughout the show. My daughter was laughing along too!

This musical is a must-see for all romantics and lovers of good musicals. Finish the night off with a late supper or a drink at one of the fabulous bustling spots around the top end of Melbourne’s CBD.

You don’t need Paris to inspire the romantic in you, just some music in your heart and some special company. I may have to see “Once” again and take my big love with me this time.

Skirt and top: Laura Ashley
Shoes: Wittner

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