Germany Blooms

Today reminded me of the day that we went to a garden show while we were in Germany. The only difference was that there were stunning flowers of all colours to brighten up the cloudy day. What a difference to your mood some colour makes!

That’s why I wanted to share these photos with you – in the hope that it would brighten up your day too!

Garden show in Germany

This is the first garden show that I have been to. There’s something special about this one in Germany – the “Landesgartenschau” in Tirschenreuth, Bavaria, Germany.Maybe it’s the different surroundings and architecture that’s in the background. Maybe it’s just because I’m somewhere in Europe! There’s even a beer garden right in the middle of it!

I am not a big fan of statistics but this is impressive. The small town of Tirschereuth has not even 10.000 inhabitants and the state government and the town spend around 7 million EUR to construct the area of the garden show and over 3.5 million to run it. The area is around 20 hectars and  contains a huge lake. Over 250 trees, 7.500 bushes, 20.000 flowers, 10.000 flower bulbs, 50.000 m2 lawn, 6.000 m2 flower fields were planted. WOW.

The butterflies that you see are all made from hand-blown glass made by Detlev Bertram. It was one of the many art installments throughout the garden and definitely my favourite. Maybe inspiration for my next headpiece for the races?

No commercial feel at all, not much advertising – just the flowers, nature, sculptures and parkland. Entrance was 10 EUR for adults … very reasonable.

Melbourne Garden show

Melbourne has a yearly garden show which I’ve never been to. Maybe this year. Not sure if it will disappoint me – will it be too commercial? Let me know in the comments …

girl in flower fields

pretty flower fields

pink handbag

blogging about the gardenshow in Tirschenreuth Bavaria

orange flowers

yellow flowers

flowers collage

leading line - fences

butterfly sculptures

butterfly sculptures

butterfly hat made out of glass

pink flowers

flower pot


Tirschenreuth, Bavaria, Germany

My outfit

The whole outfit that I’m wearing was purchased in Germany. We went over with forty kilograms between the three of us and returned with one hundred and ten kilograms! There was some serious shopping done! Can’t wait until our next trip!