The great gatsby - girl in melbourne - 20s style vintage outfit

The Gatsby Winter Soirée – Malvern Town Hall – Event Photography Melbourne

What an event – stepping back into the 1920’s

Walking towards the Malvern Town Hall was like stepping back into the 1920’s. There were vintage cars near the front entrance and a brass band, Horns of  Leroy, were playing to people dressed in Gatsby style. You could have mistaken it for a movie scene!

What an amazing event, brought together by Astor Productions. It was an event which allowed us to indulge in the extravagance of that era. People sat around sipping cider and champagne, enjoying the big brass band and swing dancing the night away.

Gatsby Winter Soirée Melbourne

You can’t help but appreciate the effort which was put into the attire of those who attended. My look  took an hour and a half to put together! Putting long hair into a 1920’s style take a lot of effort. This is most likely why the ladies back then preferred a shorter style!

The ladies dressed in sequins, silk, tassles and fur. Headbands adorned heads while pearls and beads dangled around necks. Some were clever and wore flat, comfortable shoes which made swing dancing a lot easier. The men were equally smart in three-piece suits, bow ties, bowlers and straw boaters.

Swing, Jazz, Dance

The Swing Patrol dance team treated us to a small display of how swing dancing should be done! Everyone was enjoying themselves on the dance floor. For those of us who don’t swing dance, it was a treat to sit back and watch.

Right near the end of the night, to the crowd’s delight, James Morrison (a well known Australian jazz musician) takes his trumpet to the stage as the surprise guest. Wow, can this man play!

Thanks to Astor Productions for putting together such a wonderful event which was enjoyed by all.

Gatsby - Malvern Town Hall - 20s style event

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Jazz - Horns of Leroy Melbourne

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Horns of Leroy at The Great Gatsby Winter Soiree Melbourne

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The great gatsby - girl in melbourne - 20s style vintage outfit

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All photos taken by freshPhotography Melbourne. Head over to their website to book them for your event … Event Photography Melbourne 


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