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Valentines Day Thoughts

What exactly does the day symbolise? I’ve always thought that it was just for those single people who secretly lust over someone and send them anonymous love letters and gifts, leaving the recipient all giddy and full of wondering. It’s never been a huge thing for me as I’ve been in long-term relationships where Valentines day did not apply after the initial courtship. What it does mean for a lot of people is raised expectations. That your loved-one should lavish you with gifts and love on this one day of the year. Sounds a little silly to me.

Don’t read on if you haven’t got the stomach for the mushy stuff.

Ok, don’t read on if you haven’t got the stomach for the mushy stuff. If Valentines Day is a day to show love to your special person, then every day is Valentines Day in our relationship! That’s how it’s supposed to be, right? We give each other gifts when we think of it. We go on dates when we can. We show how much we care for each other with little things daily. Valentines Day is just another ordinary day for us.

Life is busy

For some out there, it’s a great reminder that you have to step up in the romance stakes. It’s a great reminder to treat your other half a little more special because life does get busy on us and the finer things get forgotten. Just because you know you love them doesn’t mean that you are always showing it.

There’s no need to run out to a romantic dinner in an over-crowded restaurant. Cook a nice meal or get take-out and splurge on a nice bottle of wine. Go to a movie together or just make time to have a great conversation about how good life is because they’re in your world. Ok, that’s the end of the mush.

Single on Valentines Day?

For those who are single, it’s a great day to enjoy all that Valentines Day stands for. The flowers, the dining and wining, the romance! Those early days of romance are so special and for some of you, it could be the start of an everlasting relationship. For others, it’s a good way to impress that someone special – even if it’s for that brief, yet electrifying encounter.

My Valentines Day – Outfit by Vinnies

What would I wear on a Valentines Day date? My first choice would always be black, something like this gorgeous little Keepsake number in our photo shoot. It’s a little bit lacy, a little bit short, a little bit revealing but still exudes class. Minimal accessories are needed here and a pair of black stilettos completes the look. This is the kind of dress which will leave a lasting memory with your Valentine.

Outfit: I found this sweet Keepsake dress in a Vinnies op shop which is part of my collection for their #NewYearNewStyle challenge. I’ll be featuring more outfits on the blog soon.


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