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Mermaid Sam

When I heard there had been sightings of mermaids on Australian shores, I headed out with a determination to capture them. Sunset is when the mermaids liked to venture out of the water as our scorching temperatures are just too harsh for them.

What a stunning creature she was. She was sitting on the rocks basking in the sunset rays when I spotted her. Quietly I snapped away while she was unaware that I was present, trying not to cut my bare feet on the shellfish which lived on the rocks which I was standing on. She had pale skin with freckles and her hair glowed brilliantly, backlit by the setting sun. Her tail was a shimmering chocolate brown.

Eventually she slides into the water and glides to a nearby cove where I see her resting in the sand on the sea’s edge. There was nowhere for me to hide so I slowly approached her to get some close-up portraits. She obliged but was informed me that she was a little exhausted from her long swim to get here to Melbourne, Australia. Sam had been traveling for quite a while to escape the cold waters just off the coast of Scotland where she usually resides. Tired or not, Sam’s sultry looks would definitely lure sailors to follow her into the depths of the ocean. 

When then last of the sunset faded, so did Sam. It was another magical encounter which will be etched into my memory forever, with the help of these amazing photos of Sam.

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Model: Sam Frew

Styling: Fabulous Femme

Hair and make-up: Sam Frew

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