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So I asked my teenage daughter to come up with a couple of looks which would represent teenage style for Melbourne’s winter.

She uncovered these two contrasting looks from the English brand, Boohoo, which even I could see myself wearing! She did surprise me with the practicality of these outfits, as I’ve seen a lot of scantily clad young ladies running around in the middle of winter!

Teenagers don’t seem to feel the cold. Have you seen the lengths of their winter school skirts?

Melbourne Loves Black – Stylish & Sleek

The second look embraces Melbourne’s love affair with black. This love of black starts young and carries on throughout most of a Melbourne fashionista’s life. Why do we love black so much? It’s sleek, stylish and practical. It goes with most of what’s in our wardrobes and you can wear a black item so many times over without someone noticing that it’s the same thing!

Wearing black doesn’t have to be boring. This outfit was chosen for it’s mesh panels, revealing some skin without getting a chill from it.

Mind you, Melbourne’s winter never really gets that cold so we’re able to run around bare skinned and in little skirts sometimes. The gladiator ankle boots keeps the outfit young and hip. And because it’s black, it’s a great outfit for nearly everything in Melbourne!

How to wear mesh:

  • Little cutouts are always stylish. Avoid revealing too much unless you want to attract that sort of attention!
  • Side panel mesh on dresses, skirts and pants are also popular.
  • Wear tops with mesh sleeves.
  • Avoid mesh around your tummy unless you’re happy to expose that area!

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You’ll find these items and loads of other great pieces for every age group at
Thanks Boohoo for the fabulous outfits.

Have a look at the casual styled outfit here.

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