spring fashion photography in melbourne

Feeling Spring – Spring Fashion Photos

Spring is still a couple of weeks away but this bout of wonderful sunshine and warm weather was enough to re-energise me and re-ignite some inspiration to start blogging again with some spring fashion photos. The Vinnies #denimdonedifferent challenge also gave me the much needed drive to get out there! So, with my teenager as my grudgingly willing photographer for the day, we headed out to the lovely Heidi Park in Bulleen. It’s such a lovely spot down there and so many sculptures which would make great backdrops. I especially love the cows which are made from corrugated iron! Yes, we’ve used that park previously for photos and it looks different with each season. The cows never get boring.

The Denim Challenge – Spring Fashion Photography

The piece of denim which I’ve chosen for the #denimdonedifferent challenge is this stylish, light denim double-breasted jacket from Grab Denim. It cost me a whole of $8 from my local Vinnies store and it’s something I can see myself wearing quite a bit throughout the upcoming warmer seasons. In this photo shoot, I’ve teamed it with a floaty floral maxi dress, from Zimmerman, which I’ve also picked up from another local op shop. The leather and mesh wedges were a recent purchase from Seed.

When Vinnies asked me to take on their denim challenge, I had all these great intentions of making something fabulous out of old denim items! When I saw this denim jacket, I dropped that idea! Instead, I’ve chosen to show you how you can wear this jacket in 5 different ways. In reality, this jacket is going to be worn in a lot more ways than that! Denim is something which I’ve never really been in love with. There were always a few pairs of jeans in my wardrobe, but it wasn’t until recently that I’ve really enjoyed adding more pieces to my collection. I’m even stepping out in denim-on-denim outfits nowadays! 

The denim jacket has resurfaced as a popular wardrobe item with lots of fashionistas lately. There’s such a difference in from jacket to jacket. The denim jacket style which seems to be trending is the boxier style, rather than the fitted style. And, according to my stylish teenager, the wash of the denim has to be just right as well. The darker wash is quite popular, but I love my light-wash jacket which is going to go so well with so many different outfits!

Make sure you check the other ways which I’ve styled this jacket.

Photographing Spring Fashion

My teenage daughter has previously taken instagram photos for me with the phone, so I knew she had an eye for good composition. What she came up with was so much better than I anticipated! The editing was done by myself, but a great photo to begin with helps tremendously. We used the Canon 5D Mark III with an 85mm 1.2 lens, shooting mainly at 2.0 aperture to create some dreaminess with blur in our Spring Fashion Photography.

It wasn’t only the cows which were appealing down at Heide Park. I found an irresistible pull towards a tree nearby and found myself climbing up onto it’s trunk. Wedges are not recommended tree-climbing shoes, but it isn’t impossible to balance along a tree trunk in them either. Climbing trees is something I love to do but just haven’t had many opportunities to do it! This low-lying tree trunk was perfect for our photo shoot. If the two little four year olds (who were happily climbing all over it) could do it, so could I!

With some direction, my lovely daughter snapped away for me. She had her own ideas as to how the photo should be taken and I loved the results. The sweet thing lasted long enough to give me some amazing pics for the denim challenge blog post. Not sure if she’ll follow in my footsteps with photography. For now, I’m just happy if she can stand in as my photographer when the main one is tied up elsewhere.

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