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Fancy Fuchsia

My 30 day fitness challenge was completed and I survived it injury free. 30 days of rolling out of bed first thing in the morning and heading out for some well needed exercise, spurred on by a dress that didn’t fit! It sure fits now!

The reward was a fabulous photo shoot in that dress. It’s from one of my favourite labels – Karen Millen. Karen Millen designs are timeless and are of high quality. I have a few Karen Millen pieces which I’ve had for years!  the signature fabric is a heavy stretch satin which is rather flattering in smoothening down some lumps and bumps on the body. It’s also a fabric which allows easy movement.

Love the colour

What I love about this dress is it’s colour! I’m slightly obsessed with fuchsia pink at the moment. Fuchsia suits nearly every woman, from pale to dark complexions. It’s not as aggressive as red but also attracts plenty of attention. The ruffle detail is so flattering and sculptural, adding a modern twist to a classic dress. The length of this dress is my most preferred length. This is just a stunning dress which uses it’s colour and shape to create appeal rather than baring more flesh. The gorgeous peep-toe heels are from Zu.

Balloon Fun

The balloons were acquired for a photo shoot the day beforehand and they suited this dress perfectly! There’s going to be more balloon photos flooding this website soon so keep checking back. Balloons are so much fun and a brings a smile to all that see them. My aim is to bring you photos with balloons of every colour of the rainbow and more! Brighten your day with some balloons!

[big_text]Happy New Year[/big_text]





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balloon fun