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French Inspired High Tea

If you’re wanting to experience a little bit of French decadence, head down to Little Collins Kitchen at the new Sheraton at the Paris end of  Little Collins Street. You’ll be treated to little morsels of delights in a French provincial style setting. It’s bright and modern! This must be the best High Tea we have experienced yet!

French inspired high tea

We did like the French and started our afternoon tea with a glass of sparkling before delving into the assortment of tasty morsels, which were served to us on a three tiered cake stand. As the waitress leaves us to enjoy our treats, she informs us that the sweets will be served up next! Seems that macarons and scones are not considered as part of the dessert family here 😉

The chefs of Little Collins Kitchen do put together some delicious savoury pieces for your afternoon tea, in a considerate effort to not sugar you out too much. The macarons, imported from La Belle Miette, are simply the best macarons that I have ever tasted! The two delicious flavours we devoured were Cherry Blossom Sake and Lavender.

One of the best high tea experiences in Melbourne

Afternoon tea is not quite complete without a wonderful selection of teas. There is a variety of lovely teas from La Maison Du Thé to choose from. As if the sugar rush wasn’t enough, I opted for the English Breakfast to give me an extra lift. Our dessert tray arrives and they are just delightful!

You may think that I don’t touch, but only write up about all the wonderful food that is constantly laid out in front of me. You are wrong! I’m all for taste testing, and wasting great desserts is not my thing. With only four hours until we head out to enjoy our dinner, it was a concern as to how I would fit it all in! Somehow we managed, only leaving a couple of half-eaten chocolate pieces.

Go and visit the “Little Collins St Kitchen”

This is definitely something to do with girlfriends, boyfriends or anyone who wants to indulge with you. Impress someone for their birthday or just go because you want to enjoy some lovely desserts. It is recommended that High Tea is best enjoyed in a beautiful outfit and with beautiful company. Who will you be taking to High Tea? 

Little Collins Kitchen (at the Sheraton, Melbourne)
27 Little Collins Street

To book call +61 3 9290 1056 or email lcsk.melbourne@sheraton.com

You can find some more photos of my outfit here.

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