Enjoying simple pleasures as walking barefoot along the beach, even in winter! The sand between your toes is extremely soothing. Go on, give it a try!

Simple things in life

Whether it’s summer or winter, I love taking my children to the beach. As you can see, little Ethan loves the sea! Kids will spend hours playing in the sand, creating endless sandcastles and sculptures. I have fond memories of my parents taking me to the beach regularly as a youngster. It’s a free activity where you get to spend quality time together. Take a look around next time you are on the beach. I bet you will never see a stress-head out there. The sea has a amazing calming effect. Maybe because it opens your mind to a bigger picture.

Ballerina on the Beach

This photo shoot was done a little while ago. I’m not exactly dressed for the beach, but I’m aiming for the ‘Ballerina on the Beach’ theme. I’m no ballerina but playing dress-up and pretending is healthy for the mind. The beauty of photography is that you can be whoever or whatever you want to be. You just have to hold a pose or perform an action long enough for it to be captured. Your imagination and role-playing skills are the key to getting some great photos.

The gorgeous lace top I’m wearing is by Witchery. I’ve styled it with a simple layered tulle skirt. Feeling like a princess.

happy places in Melbourne - girl at beach

simple things in life make you happy

simple happiness

beach life - happy melbourne -kid playing at beach - simple life

rock feet

little boy enjoys life on Melbourne beach

girl jumps on beach in dress - fashion blog melbourne


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