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Millinery trends – Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival 2013

The millinery during the Melbourne Cup Carnival was amazing as usual. The best hats and  headpieces were reserved for the Millinery Competition on Oaks Day during the Melbourne Cup Carnival. Not saying that the other days didn’t produce lovely pieces! We snapped thousands of photos and will be slowly adding to the gallery for you to enjoy.

Melbourne Millinery

The trend this year was towards using different materials rather than the traditional straws. Leather was extremely popular as well as headbands being the favourite of many fashionistas. Even I opted for a headband for Oaks Day as it was just easier to take photos with. Unfortunately it broke on the way to the race course! Boater hats were a hit and so were feathered pieces. The gorgeous Chloe Moo who won the National Fashions on the Field title wore a striking headpiece made of feathers. There were also plenty of tear shaped head pieces running around.

Millinery Award on Oaks Day

The winner of the millinery award on Oaks Day was Aniseh Fakhri (Studio Aniss). Her sculptural piece made from paperthin, laser-cut plywood which was twisted into an elegant work of art. The runner up prize went to a papier mache creation from Zorza Goodman (Taboo Millinery). Her stunning piece of pink coral adorned with fresh water pearls looked fantastic on her model, Nicole Everett. Take a look at Zorza’s Marie Antoinette inspired work seen here at the Eternity fashion show.

We’d love to show you all the beautiful hats and headpieces that we saw during the Melbourne Cup Carnival but unfortunately that isn’t possible. Hope you enjoy the ones we were able to post.

Melbourne Spring Racing – Millinery inspiration and trends

Some amazing Millinery was showcased on Oaks day … here are the first pictures: millinery - winner fashions on the field mikllinery and designer award

runner up - tabboo millinery melbourne - zorza goodman

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Racing Hats

Best Melbourne Milliners

Milliner trends and inspiration from Australia


Millinery hats and fascinators

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Melbourne Racing Hats

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