Racing Fashion 2013 – Caulfield Cup Carnival

It’s very rare nowadays for me to stand at the rails and watch those magnificent horses gallop by. Back when I was first introduced to horse racing, I was super excited to go place that bet and watch my horse thump it’s way to the winning post. One year I was secretly filmed and used for an advert for the races. I had my betting ticket in my hand which was thrust in the air, shouting “go you good thing!” repeatedly. It would not have been anything interesting elsewhere except that I was standing amongst beautiful and poised contestants in the Fashions on the Field enclosure waiting for our turn to parade in front of the judges. My horse won and I jumped with joy. It was a very funny sight.

These days, I’m more excited about the fashion. It’s the biggest fancy dress party that you’ll see anywhere! Where else do people dress up so outrageously than at the races? Okay, I’ll admit that fashion at the Ascot Races (in the U.K) takes the cake in the fancy dress stakes. Some of those outfits are just outright hilarious! Australians do it with a lot more style. Somehow we manage to make wearing sequins in the daytime look chic.

Fashions on the Field

The Fashions on the Field competition has grown massively since I first entered one. Unfortunately the prizes are only huge for the overall winner. The amount of money that is poured into some of these outfits is just amazing. Look at the winner of the first heat of the Chadstone Fashions on The Field which was held at the shopping complex this year. I’m not familiar with her dress but I know that her Chanel handbag is around $3000! Then there’s the headpiece and shoes as well. I’m estimating the overall cost of it would have set her back around $5000. She did look divine and was a worthy winner. It was also nice to see a fresh face win the Fashions on the Fields heat. There’s divided opinion on the appropriateness of holding the competition in a shopping centre. Maybe this was the reason why there were only fifteen entrants. Fashions on the Field makes more sense at the races, where it originated from.

What will you wear at the races?

So what will you wear to the races this season? Classic tailoring is always in fashion. Choose something which suits your body shape. Prints are huge right now, even for men! I’m hoping to see a guy wearing a floral suit this year! It was delightful to see a contestant, of the Chadstone Fashions on the Field (mens section), at Caulfield last weekend wearing a lilac suit. My bets are on him to win the mens title. Keep hemlines modest if entering the fashion competition as no mini has ever won the competition. If you want to be snapped by us, go splurge on a Toni Maticevski neoprene dress from his latest collection or an amazing print dress from Mary Kontranzou. Oh, and don’t forget to wear a fabulous hat! It’s worth paying a little bit more and having one custom made. If you are creative, make your own! For those out there purely for fun, anything goes. Dress to impress!

Look forward to seeing you all in your finest fancy dress and headwear!

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