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Fashions on the Field – The winning looks 2013

At Caulfield Preview day last Saturday, it wasn’t hard to pick out the winning looks for the Chadstone Fashions on the Field competition. These lovely ladies and the gent in lilac had every detail perfect.

Sometimes I have seen a fabulous outfit teamed up with the wrong accessories such as shoes, hat, or handbag. Even the hairstyle can make or break a winning look. It’s not often that I’ve seen a lady win, the title of best dressed, with her hair down. Looks like most of the judges like a neat and tidy up-do.

The winning fashion on the fields outfit

The winners all wore classic racewear, apart from the very bright and slightly shorter orange dress, which was worn by one of the winners, Jacqueline Russo, from the Stylish Ladies over 40yrs. The dress was beautiful and modern. The hat was a sensational Louise Macdonald design! There were quite a few who created their own outfits, from dress to hat. Crystal Kimber is on a roll with her self-designed outfits. She is already representing Queensland in the finals of the Flemington Myers Fashions on the Field later this year, wearing her own creation as well.

Oliver was one confident chap, choosing a lilac suit to enter the competition in. From the moment he strutted onto the catwalk, we knew he had the all of the lady judges’ full attention. His walking stick was a great accessory, equipped with a retractable spyglass!

Elis Crewes’ Dior style was saw her into the finals of the Chadstone Fashions on the Field on Caulfield Cup day as well. She drew her inspiration from Audrey Hepburn, my all-time favourite actress. Fifties style glamour is always in fashion.

The lovely Vanessa shows us how to make Melbourne’s colour of choice stand out. Black in a classic style suit with some modern edges. Team it with a gorgeous custom made hat and it’s a standout. The hint of lime green makes the outfit far from boring. Even though she wasn’t one of the three chosen to go through to the finals, this outfit is just fabulous.

It’s been a long time since a black and white outfit won the Fashions on the Field Competition. Can the lovely Kelli Odell do it this time in her gorgeous white lace skirt suit and fantastic hat? We will see in a few weeks so come back and check out more winning looks from the Fashions on the Field competitions.

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Winners 2013 - Fashion Caulfield

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