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The Winner – Winning looks – Caulfield Cup 2013 – Fashions on the Field (Part 1)

The fashion was as stunning as the weather for the Caulfield Cup Day 2013. While peplums did see another year out, it was a simple white summery dress with a bow that sent Viviana Parish past the finishing post first in the fashion stakes.

Looking at the finalists as they strutted the catwalk, it was so hard to pick the winner! I for one didn’t pick this lovely young lady as the overall winner. But, in retrospective, I should have. If you took a good look at the judges, which included a very young line-up, you would have seen it coming. Two of these judges were bloggers, Jess and Stef (from the blog “How Two Live”). These lovely ladies were dressed head-to-toe in white. Their headpieces were white butterflies on headbands! They were a vision of young, hip style. In their blog post about Caulfield Guineas Day, they stated that there were “way too many peplums to be seen!” It was a wonder that the second runner up was chosen! I have mentioned before that it’s wise to find out who the judges are if you want a chance at winning a Fashions on the Field competition. But I must admit it is hard when the judges change for each competition.

Every one of those finalists looked divine. It’s what gets me excited to be out there amongst it all. As a photographer, I was in photography wonderland! Lots of gorgeous, immaculately primped people waiting for me to take their portraits.

The winning outfit – Caulfield Cup Chadstone Fashions on the Field

Viviana, a 22yr old from Bywong, was a new face to me. She only started with Fashions on the Field Competitions this year, winning her debut at the Black Opal Day Fashions on the Field in Canberra. She has entered other Fashions on the Field competitions since then, and now she has the prestigious Caulfield Cup Fashions on the Field sash in her collection.

The winning look that Viviana put together was a white dress from Cue, complimented by a hat and accessories designed by her milliner mother, Deb Parish. The hat consisted of real dried leaves! The overall look was young and fresh and very on trend, with white being the ‘in’ colour of the season. Viviana’s smile was also a winner, looking like she enjoyed every minute of it.

Make sure you have a look at the winning looks of others who were in the competition. Even though they didn’t win a sash, they all were Fabulous Femme to us.

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Melbourne Winner Fashions on the Field


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