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Relaxed Racing – What to wear to the Melbourne Races?

Bobbi’s outfit was one that I fell in love with! It’s so simple yet super chic. The jumpsuit is so popular this year and Bobbi has done a super job in styling hers with a cape and simple jockey’s cap by talented milliner, Jill Humphries of Jill and Jack Millinery. How stylish is the combination of navy and tan! One thing that I absolutely love is that most of these fashion contestants have their hair immaculately groomed. I’m loving Bobbi’s hair-do.

Relaxed Style – Racing Outfits

This is one very relaxed style which Bobbi has beautifully put together. The theme of the Blue Diamond Stakes Day in Caulfield was “relaxed racing” She made it into the finals but did not take home the big prize. Regardless, she is definitely another winner in the “Fabulous Femme Fashion Stakes”!

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Bobbi’s outfit:

  • Jumpsuit: cue
  • Cape: Laura Ashley
  • Hat: made by Jill & Jack Millinery
  • Clutch: Target
  • Wedges: Nine west
  • Rings: Lovisa

relaxed racing outfits 2014 - melbourne cup trends

What Bobbi has to say about her outfit – her take on relaxed racing:

I tried the jumpsuit on a couple of weeks ago while shopping for work clothes and I loved it! I was being sensible and didn’t purchase it due to having nothing to wear it to. Then when reading about relaxed racing it sprang to mind and I purchased it the next day, haha.

I wanted to try and do my take on relaxed racing but still keep it appropriate for the Fashions on the Field (FOTF). I thought I could have a little fun with it and push the boundaries of what is deemed appropriate for fashions on the field. I knew I wanted to wear the jumpsuit and have a hat made in a natural coloured straw. I’m not sure why the jockey cap sprang to mind but I knew I wanted one, so I spoke to Jill from Jill & Jack Millinery and next thing you know I had the amazing hat in my hands! I had a pair of Wedges with a straw/raffia heel, and while searching for another clutch I came across the one that I used on the day.

Then on the morning of Blue Diamond I took one look outside and thought damn it, its cold and wet! So before heading out the door I pulled my cape out of the wardrobe. And there you have it! That’s how my outfit came about.

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Her personal style – contemporary or classic?

I really don’t know how to explain my personal style, I cant really narrow it down. Sometimes I prefer something contemporary and the next minute I’ll love a classic look. I think with each style I tend to alter it to make it my own. I tend to pick and choose things that I like and try and make them work for me. I will try anything and can sometimes be described as a risk taker where Fashions on the Field is concerned.

Of late though, I think I have simplified my style and tend to like clean lines – maybe, haha. I am horrendously disorganised when it comes to my Fashions on the Field outfits. My outfit is usually put together in the days leading upto the event, sometimes the day before! My blue diamond outfit was put together in a week. Luckily I have a FANTASTIC milliner and a great archive of items, most of which I have forgotten about but seem to surface just when they are needed.

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Why do you love the Fashions on the Field?

I can’t pinpoint why I love Fashions on the Field. It’s a hobby. There is something about dressing up in the daytime, and I mean really dress up. I just love it! I love formal occasions. Whenever I get an invite to something, its one of the first things that come to mind. I excitedly think oooooh, what am I going to wear?

I like to think of it as a sport. I’m not good at any other sports so this is my sport and I compete. Of course I want to win! That’s why people enter, but I don’t go expecting to win. I think that is a key factor when wanting to enter and enjoy Fashions on the Field – never expect or think you deserve the win.

Its almost becomes a little community, which is really good. It is so good when you meet someone for the first time after seeing them countless times on instagram of facebook photos at different events. They are a breath of fresh air. The next thing you know, you’re talking like you’ve known each other for ages because of your common interest.

Caulfield - Relaxed Racing


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