The librarian

Let’s go to the library. On my recent trip to my local library in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne I realised that this modern architecture would make a great backdrop for one of my little fashion photo shoot for the blog.

Because of my love for black, especially in winter, I like pieces with a bit of a difference. Bubble skirts have been in and out of fashion for a very long time. I still like them! I’m wearing one from a fashion label Spade. This classic military style jacket is from Ricochet. I’ve had it for years but it’s a great wearing jacket. Yes, these are those ridiculously high-heeled boots of mine from Zu. They are made from such a gorgeous leather and they keep my legs warm!

sunset over the eastern melbourne suburbs

manningham fashion blog - photo shoot close to doncaster westfield shoppingtown

black fashion - outfit

stairs - leading line

fashion shoot in melbourne photo location

geometric triangle -fashion photography

fashion westfield

manningham melbourne - blog

modern outdoor lights

birds landing on building