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Each time we visit Europe, we like to get up into the alps to inhale some clean air and take in some breathtaking views. We’ve had great intentions about going on a hike up the alps but the one time we planned that hike, the guy up at one of those huts (where hikers stay overnight) told us not to bother! The clouds had set in and there would be nothing to see or do, if we survived the trip up there! Yes, it’s not the easiest task to hike around these mountains. Some have lost their footing, and their lives! We were happy to keep our feet firmly on the ground this time around.

Not wanting to totally miss out, we made a climb up a small hill, where we were joined by some of the German army boys and their horses which motivated us to move a little bit faster! I am proud to say that we did keep up with them. Disappointingly, there were no refreshing beers waiting for us at the summit as the restaurant at the top of this small mountain was closed when we arrived! Luckily, our decent was a lot faster and less energy taxing than our climb.

Our next visit up to the Alps was a little more relaxed, we chose to ride up in a gondola. It would have been a tad hard for me to hike up in my outfit, including heels! Ok, so I did wear flats and the heels were pulled out for the photo shoot. Where we were going, there was no need for proper hiking shoes but some flats made it easier to roam around up there.

The day was pleasant as we strolled around high up on the mountain, coming across a jump-off point for paragliders. The sport looks like an exhilarating one, but the height was dizzying and I have not an ounce of desire to join them. The hut, which is used as shelter for weary hikers, was a nice photo backdrop. Cows with jangling bells around their necks marched around, making me feel like Heidi, girl of the Alps.

One day, we’ll get around to doing a proper hike through the Alps. Until then, we’ll just use our quick trips for leisurely wandering.

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