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Blogger on the Go

While most of my blogging is done in the comfort of my own home, there are times where I’ll need everything with me while I’m on the go. There’s my laptop, my camera, sometimes a change of shoes for a photo shoot (there’s no way that I traipse all over town in those heels!). All these things which I carry around require a fairly protective case to transport them in, not forgetting to mention that it also has to be stylish for the fashion conscious person which I am!

Hedgren has in it’s collection, the perfect carry case and shoulder bag for all my Blogging on the Run needs. Their stylish quilted Cindy Trolley, equipped with padding, functional wheels and a telescopic handle, makes lugging a laptop and documents around a breeze! When I don’t have to carry my laptop around, I’ll use it to carry my camera and things which I need for a photo shoot.

We’ve wanted to do a photo shoot at the Webb Bridge in Melbourne, South Bank for a while now so we found some time to head over there. The Webb Bridge is a fantastic, unique looking piece of Melbourne architecture and a popular destination for photographers. It was a great backdrop for our featured product.

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