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Gorgeous In Grey

The star colour of this winter season is dove-grey. Colour was always a huge part of my wardrobe as I found it complimenting for my dark skin. Wearing colour was always an easy way to give me a mood-lift. That was until things changed recently. My other half and I decided to go minimal and simplify our lives which included our home and wardrobes! Lot’s of colour was thrown around the room and into a box, ready to go to their new owners who would enjoy the benefits which these colourful item brought me.

Simplify your wardrobe

After reading article after article about how to live simply, the common advice was to wear neutral coloured clothes which could easily be mixed and matched and result in a smaller wardrobe and less need for new purchases. This in turn would be great for the environment as well as creating a little more mindfulness into where our clothing comes from, how it is produced and how we spend our dollars. It all makes sense to reduce the need to buy new items constantly, which increases the demand for these garments to be produced (unfortunately some are manufactured in sweatshops overseas). Constant purchasing of garments also produces a lot of waste as your old items have to end up somewhere!

Grey is the new black

That’s how my love of greys came about. Black has always had a strong presence in my wardrobe. It’s going to be that way until the end! But grey is becoming more and more beautiful. Grey isn’t as bright and brash as white. It’s so easy to combine with other colours. Team grey with black, denim or pastels for a go-anywhere look. Add some glimmer in the form of satins, sequins and patent leather to create interesting looks.

Casual Glamour

Greys, like blacks don’t have to be boring. Choose items of different textures and combine with different shades of the same colour, or you can add a subdued colour (such as peach) to break it up a bit. This luxuriously soft lambswool jumper (from Cameo Collective) is just perfect in shade and warmth. My cashmere scarf keeps the chill off my neck and allows me to expose my legs. Nike sneakers in Pearl add some casual glamour to an outfit which I can shop all day in or even wear for school pick-up instead of overdone track pants! Glue Store is great for casual glamour. There’s loads of pieces from various labels and lots of pieces for those after a more glamorous after five look.

The photos were shot poolside at the luxurious Olsen Hotel in South Yarra, Melbourne.

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