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Walking Amongst the Clouds

Seems like we can’t resist taking a walk through the clouds up in the Alps each time we visit Europe. This time it was up the “Kaiserburg” in Austria during our brief stay at a gorgeous little Austrian town, Bad Kleinkirchheim. It was only a short walk to the base of the mountain from our hotel and we hopped into a gondola for a scenic ride up to the top.

Experiences = memories

Kaiserburg is about two thousand metres up, high enough for clouds to float along and cover you for a while. This mountain is a very popular ski slope during winter but we were there during autumn and it’s more my ideal climate as I’m not a fan of the cold and snow. One day we’ll get around to actually hiking over one of these mountains and stay in those mountain huts. The last time we planned a hike over the Alps, the rain moved in and spoiled our plans. It’s one of those experiences we want to add to our life time of memories – well, at least I do as my other half has done it many times over already as he is European.

So what draws us up these mountains? Like everyone else, it’s just wonderful to be so high up! The air is definitely cleaner up there and the pace is lovely and slow. Apart from the busy beer garden which is located right where the gondola stops, there’s not much else happening.

Slow down and enjoy travel

In our hectic lives where the time slides past at such a rapid pace, our holidays involve a lot of slow-motion moments such as our visit to the summit of Kaiserburg. There wasn’t a tree to climb but there were plenty of rocks. Looking down was a little dizzying but I could sit there looking out over the Alps was something I could do for quite a while.

Maybe it’s now time to visit the Australian Alps soon and head to our highest peak in Australia – Mount Kosciuszko. There must be somewhere a nice cosy hut in the mountains.

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