Best seats at the Australian Open

The Australian Open 2019

This is such an exciting event to start the year off with. Thousands of people pack into Melbourne to watch their favourite tennis stars battle for the Australian Open title,  even if it means having to endure the scorching January temperatures.

The Australian Open public area

It’s far more than just tennis. There’s  loads of spaces where everyone can enjoy food and beverages. The highlight of this year’s trip there with my little one was being able to dip our feet into pools of cool water in the MasterCard enclosure which is located in The Melbourne Beach Club area. The day was so hot so it provided some lovely relief. There are huge fans which blow water mists onto those who want to stand close to them.

The Australian Open offers so much more than just watching players belting the little yellow ball around the tennis court. There’s a fantastic designated children’s area (The Ballpark) where the little ones could be entertained all day! My eight year old loved the Zip Line ride (similar to a flying fox). He was so patient and endured the hour wait for his five seconds of thrill! Make sure you go early to avoid long queues for the attractions.

Australian Open 2019 - Tips - Roger Federer

best tickets for the australian open


Australian Open Hospitality

For others, the dining packages on offer were spectacular. There were plenty of fancy food from top Melbourne restaurants including Nobu, Rockpool, Melbourne 88 and The Laneway. . Some had the privilege of dining on court (when play had finished) and the Glasshouse offers the exclusive Chef series.

The dining experiences are not cheap but are not short of customers. Best that you book in advance for these events to secure your place. For all others, there are plenty of food and beverage options all over the place.

You can also take in your own food if you like. Water is available free of charge from designated taps all around the tennis area.australian open public area - beach chairs in the melbourne beach club at the australian open ball mascot at the australian open

Free tickets to the Australian open?

The Australian Open in Melbourne are not a cheap event.  The best value is always the ground pass which gives you access to the outdoor showcourts and sessions in the Melbourne Arena (previous Hisense Arena). Kids ground passes are only $5. In the first week of the Australian Open you will be able to see top tennis matches.

The ground pass also gives you access to lots of different public areas such as the concert space at Birrarung Marr, the kids Ballpark and the Melbourne Beach Club – there is lots of entertainment at the Australian Open.

You also might have an invite from the corporate sponsors such as Kia, Emirates, Garnier and ANZ – to just name a few. They usually have beautifully designed marquees or entertainment spaces at the Australian Open and you can enjoy a drink and some nibbles before a match.

Another option to enjoy some great tennis matches is the qualifying round before the Australian open (in 2019 it is from 08/01 – 11/01/2019). The Melbourne Park is open to the public and you do not need to pay entrance. You can find more information about the schedule here. There is also lost of other free events – such as concerts, free tickets for kids, the AO Draw Ceremony with Roger Federer or the Hot Shots Tennis Day. More info here.

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Getting to the Australian Open

Use public transport. The train delivers you a five minute walk away. There are trams which drop you off right outside the entrance. Of course you can drive in but allow lots of time to get in a and park. Taxis and an Uber is another option. Keep in mind that there’s a lot a traffic around there!

Get in early if you want to secure spots to watch tennis matches or even to secure one of the sun loungers in front of a big screen. 

Helpful Hints & Tips For a Great Day Out at the AO 2019

  • Be sun-safe and wear appropriate clothing and a hat! 
  • Maybe take a cushion for the seats.
  • Slap on your sunblock and bring some for a top-up. 
  • Bring in a drink bottle to fill with water at drinking stations to keep you hydrated. Bring sufficient money for food and beverages. 
  • Don’t Forget your Myki card for the public transport!
  • Make sure you know the schedule of the day – including the training sessions and concerts to make the most out of your day!
  • Arrive early to enjoy some of the attractions in the public area without queues
  • Prebook your hospitality package – Rockpool and Nobu are some great options at the Australian Open
  • When you can afford it book a seat for one of the sessions in the Rod Laver or Margret Court Arena – Otherwise you can also line up at Melbourne Arena to enjoy a top match (the seats are included in your ground pass but you need to be there early to secure a spot!)

Enjoy the Australian Open!


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