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Courtside Glamour

The Australian Open Tennis is about to commence, so we thought that we’d head out for a tennis inspired photo shoot. Not a lot of tennis was played but we came out with some cool photos.

Our friends have a rather rustic tennis court which was a perfect location. The tennis court is set on their large property, amongst some lush bushland near Westerfolds Park. The Yarra River runs alongside it. The court has been out of action for a while, but this added to its rustic appeal.

Tennis Fashion Inspiration

As for the tennis attire, I wouldn’t recommend playing in what I wore. This outfit was definitely more for courtside than on court! It was a magnificently warm afternoon, which was the perfect climate for my new playsuit from Keepsake (the all in one shorts and top outfit). The floral print on this one is just gorgeous and timeless while the strappy back gives the playsuit an extra dose of sexiness. This is a great outfit to wear to the tennis, maybe with a pair of comfy wedges or some sandals.

These are no tennis shoes!

The tennis shoes were the star of the photo shoot. They are the heel-less high heel shoes from Tony Bianco from a few seasons ago. These heels were purchased quite a while ago but I’ve never had the courage to wear them! There was great apprehension about my ability to tip-toe around in them and a fear of rolling my ankles! They’ve been in storage for long enough so they finally made their debut. High heels with no heels are so futuristic. The really strange thing is that when you wear them, it doesn’t feel like I’m running around in shoes with no heels! It just feels as if you are walking around in extra high platform shoes, which gives you quite an unbalanced sensation anyway.

So I managed to traipse around the rustic tennis court in my futuristic no-heels high heels without rolling my ankles. It’s been a while since I picked up the tennis racquet but even in heels, I managed to swing the racquet a few times to achieve the wild hair in action shots. Tennis in heels is not advisable! It does make for a fun photo shoot.

There will no doubt be a lot of wonderfully appropriate tennis attire worn by the tennis players during the Australian Open. This tennis tournament always inspires me to pick up my racquet and start playing tennis again, only if it’s just to be able to don those gorgeous tennis outfits! Enjoy the season of tennis whether you are heading out to the courts or watching it from the comfort of your couch.

We’ve been out to the Priceline Kooyong Classic this week for the start of it all (more soon on the blog), and we’ve got the tennis bug.


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