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It’s the city of inspiration, of romance, of style. Paris has some amazing monuments which are a must to visit and the Louvre Museum, housed in the Louvre Palace, is one of them. This centrally located icon has three entrances, one of them covered by the famous glass triangle. It’s a location where you just have to head over to for some photos when in Paris. If you have time, it’s nice to explore the museum as well.

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Even though Paris is renowned for it’s sense of style, you’ll find that most people there are tourists and prefer casual dressing. It does look as if the French have gone slightly casual as well and only step out in their finery for special occasions and their fashion week. When in Paris, I don’t do casual as I always have to be photo ready. I love travelling in style. Ladylike dressing doesn’t require so much effort. Throw on a pretty dress and some makeup and you’re dressed to impress. Tourists stare, thinking that that I’m a stylishly dressed Frenchwoman!

With so many tourists visiting each day, it was going to be a challenge to create a simple photo shoot. Fortunately for us, a little bit of rain set in and cleared off all the tourists for a short while! A little bit of rain was not going to affect my naturally straight hair or my royal blue lace dress! We had the glass pyramid all to ourselves because no-one came prepared with an umbrella and they all feared that they would melt!

Royal blue is not one of my preferred colours when it comes to fashion but this little lace number from Zara was just a bit too cute to pass up. I love lace! It’s a romantic style, very suitable for a romantic city such as Paris. I would have loved to say that the dress is made of French lace, unfortunately it’s not. It’s a very affordable lace which is easy to wear and doesn’t crinkle so easily so it was a great choice to pack into my suitcase for my travels. I’m still not sold on the colour but the dress helped in making our photographs more like fine art.

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