Deer in Nara - Travel Photography in Japan

Travel the world – Deer Park in Nara, Japan

We weren’t going to leave Japan without cuddling up with some gorgeous deer in Nara. Even if you aren’t travelling with children, you’re going to enjoy this trip. Friends had done it on their travels to Japan and highly recommended that we head out there while visiting Japan. It was such an amazing place which you just have to experience yourself if you ever find yourself travelling to Japan. We love animals and this was right up our alley.

Fun with the deer in Nara Park

These deer are just about everywhere! As you head up towards the main deer park, you’ll see a few deer loitering around the grounds of the first temple you come across and think that that is already a great sighting! The number of deer grow as you get closer to Nara Park. When you hit Nara Park, the deer are there in the masses. They walk around freely, happily nibbling crackers out of the hands of their visitors. Yes, you can buy crackers which you can feed the deer with from the vendors around the park.

Deer Park in Nara, Japan

Most of the deer are very friendly and gently take the crackers from your hands. Some do get a little aggressive as they fight over the food or think that you are hiding food from them! On three separate occasions, some nasty little deer kicked our poor little man in the shin! He was a toughie and brushed it off, with only a little bruising to show for it. They were mostly too cute not to mingle with! We did learn fast that when you are finished with feeding them (or don’t want to hand over any more crackers at for the time being) just show both of your empty hands and they’ll believe you and leave you alone. We have witnessed bags of food being snatched from unsuspecting tourists by these greedy deer! They are at their most placid when they are full and it’s rest time.

Travel Photography in Japan – Daytrip from Kyoto

Give yourself the whole day up in Nara. The time goes so quickly and you’ll want to stay right up to sunset. There are also some impressive temples to look at while you’re up that way. It’s only a quick 45 minute train ride from Kyoto. There’s plenty to eat and drink up there, but we wouldn’t recommend having a picnic amongst the deer as your stash of goodies will be attacked! It does get a little hot in Japan during summer and there wasn’t much to shade us on our walk up toward Nara park. We purchased an umbrella which our little boy loved to play with.

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