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Travelling Japan in Style With Paklite

We’ve just spent a couple of weeks exploring some of amazing and sunny Japan. There is so much to see and do in this crazy busy place, and it’s a real challenge to see as much as you can when you have a little 6yr old in tow! We did see most of what we had our hearts set on and we’ll just have to go back to see the rest.

One of the highlights of our trip was our travel on the Shinkansen (Bullet Train), which travels up to a whopping 320kms per hour! This means that commuting from one city to another was quick and easy. We used the Shinkansen for our long trip from Tokyo to Kyoto and other little trips in between. We loved everything about these things. The seats were comfortable and reclined, the trip was smooth and the trains themselves were sleek in design. The Japanese take their Shinkansen seriously, just look at the drivers of these things – they look like pilots! The little one was so pleased to receive two Shinkansen cards from two different train drivers.

A medium sized travel suitcase for 3 !!!

Such a smooth looking ride required some equally smooth looking travel gear. That’s why we chose the Paklite Style Air suitcase for our travels. When I first laid eyes on this suitcase, I gasped in horror at the though that we were going to have to pack for all of us in this one suitcase for our two week trip! Hubby had ordered the medium size thinking that it would suffice. After calming down and reassessing the situation, we realised that this was going to be very possible. The suitcase is surprisingly roomy, with an expandable middle section (70l expendable to 85l) and only weighs 3.25kg – super light!

It was summer in Japan so only light clothing was needed. A couple of comfy sneakers and a couple of pairs of sandals would see me right throughout the trip. After packing all that we needed (for the three of us), the packed suitcase only weighed 18kgs and had plenty of space if we were to bring a few items of shopping back with us. The back-up plan was that if we decided to do a lot of shopping, we’d just purchase another suitcase over there or use carry on luggage.

Travel in Japan with Paklite

We did wander through shops over there, but we only came back with a lovely Yukata ( the summer version of the Kimono) and some bottles of Japanese whiskey. There was nothing which really caught our eyes and was a ‘must-have’ for us. Most of what was around could also be found in Australia, apart from souvenirs, something which I’m not a big fan of. The Yukata was an exception. Since deciding to go a little more minimalistic with our lifestyles, we realised that most things we came across were necessary items. Instead, we enjoyed the sights, sounds and flavours of what Japan had to offer.

We’ve traveled with a larger Paklite suitcase before and found them so easy to travel with. The best thing about it, apart from looking great, is the manoeuvrability of these things – no matter how heavy they are! It is a trap to load these suitcases up as it may get tough to store them inside vehicles like the Shinkansen. Hubby was asked to assist a young lady who was not capable of lifting her own case to stow away in the luggage compartment! They are also deceptively roomy and are durable. Apart from a few normal use scratches, the Paklite suitcases are robust. Our fragile cargo of Japanese whiskey remained intact all the way back to Australia. Yeah!

There’s thousands of photos to work through and we’ll be sharing our wonderful trip to Japan with you eventually. Check back if you are heading there or want some inspiration about what’s to see and do in this amazing country. It’s definitely worth visiting and you’re guaranteed to be blown away by something which is uniquely Japan.

You can find more info about the Paklite Style AIR range here:

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