owl cafe in japan, Tokyo

The Owl Cafe in Tokyo – Akiba Fukurou

A young lady told me of her trip to Japan and that the highlight of her trip was visiting the owl cafe. This was one place which I just had to visit on our trip to Japan. Where else on earth can you get this close and personal to these wonderful creatures? I’ve only seen an owl in the wild a couple of times, once in my backyard many years ago and once in Austria. So, a chance to actually touch one and have it sitting on my arm was something which I really wanted to experience. I’m glad we did as it was really an amazing experience. These birds are mesmerising!

Owl Cafe in Tokyo – How cute!

Before anyone starts feeling sorry for these little owls, know that they are very healthy looking and are treated very carefully. They are no worse off than birds which are kept in a cage or animals in the zoo. We were allowed to touch the birds which were awake and the sleeping birds were allowed to be left to rest. We could choose to have an owl which was awake to sit with us for a while as well, which delighted our little 6 year old boy. The handlers chose a small, gentle owl for him to chat to. Others allowed the owls to sit on the shoulder and even on their head! Birds do poop freely, so I’d be careful if you want to have one sitting on your head as well!

Tokyo Owl Cafe – but no coffee

Coffee is not served here, nor is anything else! It’s purely a place you go to if you want to be in the company of cute little owls. The interior of this establishment is kept nice and white, and the handlers look so smart in their white suits. There are other owl cafes in Tokyo but we chose this one for its aesthetics. We wanted the nicest photos we could get of these cute owls and a clean space is always more appealing. You can book up to three days in advance to reserve your spot in the cafe and will get approximately an hour to oogle the owls. Make sure you book early to get your preferred time as it does get booked out fast. It is something you definitely should do while visiting Tokyo.

If you’re into getting cosy with animals while you’re in Japan, they also have cat cafes and hedgehog cafes. We would have loved to have seen the hedgehogs but we simply ran out of time. As for cats, there’s plenty of them around to pet and Melbourne already has one! Another highlight of our trip to Japan was going to Nara to pet the deer which roamed freely up there. That blog post will come soon!

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