I love to travel! I love to take pictures. All my blog posts which were done outside of Melbourne.

lady cutler docklands cruise

Docklands Cruise

Champagne Lunching on the Lady Cutler Winter showed it’s head that day. Our champagne lunch boat cruise on the Lady Cutler was looking like it was going to be a little bit of a chilly one so I dressed in full winter wear. Ideally, it could have been one of th...
luxury travel in europe


European architecture is mind-blowing. The statues, buildings and homes are incomparable. Even the pavement is something which draws interest to the person who strolls along it. Then there are the castles. They...
zimmerman dress - Australian luxury fashion brands

Return to Vienna – Zimmerman Dress

Return to Vienna We’ve been to Vienna before but we weren’t photographers the last time we went. Guess it gave us an excuse to head back to this gorgeous city in Austria. It was summer on our last visit there but this time we were there in autumn, which meant...
sunset - Summer style in Melbourne - We love luxury summer fashion

Melbourne Summer Style

Melbourne Summer Fashion As the temperature starts rising in Melbourne, the less we have to pile on. Beautiful jackets, cashmere and boots help me through the colder months but I still have not fallen in love ...
Los Patios in Alcudia, Mallorca, Spain - one of the best restaurants there - hidden behind the tourist area - secret tip

Los Patos – Alcudia, Mallorca

So we begin at the end. It’s the last night of our wonderful stay in beautiful Mallorca, Spain. We were recommended this restaurant by one of the lovely staff at our hotel. Surely they would know where to exper...
Travel blog from Australia

Travel the world

We’re off to Europe once again. That magical place where you wander around, as if in a fairytale. The sights and sounds are all foreign and the architecture is romantic, ageing way back in time. It’s there that we take time to enjoy simple pleasures, such as d...