Beautiful goddess

Joey – Femme Fatale or My fair lady

II just love taking portraits and decided to do a contrasting shoot of my beautiful friend, Joey. She’s a scientist and a mum who enjoys making beautiful jams and relishes that we just love! Joey is what I call a Domestic Goddess. With kids running around we had to work quickly. Unfortunately the gorgeous sunshine which was present during the day, disappeared. We shot in a cloudy rainy condition. The photos still turned out fabulous.

Style 1 – Femme Fatale:

Joey looks sizzling hot in this body hugging, satin Karen Millen dress teamed with a simple Cotton On cardigan. This look is a modern take on Rita Hayworth in the movie – Gilda.

Style 2 – My Fair Lady:

With Joey’s fine features and this gorgeous embellished, pale pink Alannah Hill cardigan we created a vintage dress look, which is reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady. Well, at least I think so! Just divine!

a domestic goddess in melbourne - beautiful portraits

my fair lady in melbourne

A femme fatale


different expressions for portraits

beautiful use of available light for portraits