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This week is Melbourne Spring Fashion Week (MSFW). Australian designers unveil their spring collection on runways throughout Melbourne in the hope of sending fashionables into a buying frenzy. With the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival only just around the corner, this is the time to promote fashion.

I’m not one to sit and watch show after show. Yes, the fashion is gorgeous and it’s exciting to see it drift down the runway on beautiful clothes-horses, but I’m just as happy checking it out online. Admittedly, I couldn’t even sit still in the last one I went to! That’s why there are some lovely photos of it to show you here on my blog.

Follow the tailor – forever curious!

Readers of The Age were given clues in yesterday morning’s paper which leads them to the “Tailor”. The Tailor was located at the Fashion Hub at City Square on Swanston Street. This little event, which was run by The Age at City Square in Melbourne’s CBD yesterday, got my curiosity and I headed on down to check it out. It was part of The Age newspaper “Forever Curious” campaign. The “Forever Curious” campaign encourages those to look beyond the obvious to discover how things may not always be what they seem.

Surrounded by fashion props, brand ambassadors, film crew, photographers and bloggers, he was not hard to find. It took some very brave people to approach him! A condition of entry was that you will be followed by paparazzi.

There were a couple of Melbourne bloggers there, including the lovely Candice DeVille from the Super Kawaii Mama blog. Check her out for all your vintage needs. This lady knows how to do the pin-up look!

Made to measure – what a fabulous prize!

Just by mentioning that they read The Age, they are rewarded with fabulous things. And fabulous things came in the form of tickets to the fashion shows and vouchers for some fashion. To the lucky chosen few, they were walked up to the Melbourne Town Hall to meet some up and coming designers who would create them a made to measure piece from their collection. What a fabulous prize! The two designers involved were Jolet and Kuwaii. Both had fabulous pieces which the winning ladies were thrilled to be receiving.


It was great to meet with these designers. I did only have the chance to chat with Jolet Ucchino, a lovely and talented designer who seems to have her head tight on her shoulders and her feet firmly planted on the ground in the fashion world. Keep your eyes on this one, she’s just getting warmed up. Her designs are relaxed but edgy, set apart by her prints. The print of this season is a very unrecognisable cherry blossom, a flower which I adore!


The talent behind the Melbourne based Kuwaii label is Kristy Barber. Kristy is a softly spoken woman who’s design philosophy is that every garment is intelligent in both their design and production process. All garments are locally made to ensure great workmanship for the wearer to treasure.

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