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Magical Sunset

This magical sunset was too hard to resist. It’s the most desired time of day for  photographers to head out with their cameras. The reason for this is that the light is so gentle and warm and produces this amazing glow around your subject. You can shoot towards the sun or away from it and the results are just stunning.

Sunset shooting

There’s no need for any props, just some empty space like this vast wheat field which had just been cut. Can you believe that this was shot at nearly 10pm? The sun sets so late in Europe! Oh, and don’t forget some good styling! Our 5D MarkIII handles backlighting extremely well. These photos were shot with the 85mm 1.2 lens and the 24mm 1.4 lens. It’s a great combination of lenses which we use often during a photo shoot with the bride and groom when shooting a wedding. They’re not the most affordable lenses, but worth every dollar!

Kimono style outfit

I’m wearing a cute little kimono style, one sleeve silk dress from Forever New. The floral print on it is just divine! The wedge shoes are a purchase from Germany. They’re comfy and practical for roaming around in a field!

field in europe - walking in the field

short mini dress - pink

sunset colours


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sunset photography - girl in field

field at sunset