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We’re off to Europe once again. That magical place where you wander around, as if in a fairytale. The sights and sounds are all foreign and the architecture is romantic, ageing way back in time. It’s there that we take time to enjoy simple pleasures, such as dining on cheese and wine by the lakeside at sunset while gazing upon castles. It’s a place where we want to slow down so that we may take in all the beauty of our surrounding.

Travel is Education

Travel is an important part of our lives. It creates more memories for us to cherish and helps us develop further understanding and respect for other cultures. Travelling provides us with an education which cannot be supplied in a classroom. These life experiences are what makes us richer. We would rather continue to collect more life experiences rather than accumulating more possessions.

Wherever you have your heart set on, pack your bags and travel there. Have you heard of anyone regretting having travelled? There are plenty out there who regret not having done so. Where will your travels take you? Maybe you’ll end up down on the banks of the Loire as we did, with a picnic and some champagne at sunset. Maybe you’ll head of on a wild safari adventure. Maybe the urban jungle is more of your thing and you’ll head to a bustling city. Wherever you go, take time to enjoy and absorb all the experiences that come your way.

Our Next Adventure

So where are we headed this time? It’s back to our base, Germany, before we make our way to the beautiful Spanish island, Mallorca. We’ll be spending eight relaxing days there, alternating between the resort pool and the beach. There will be some sight-seeing and a leisurely rummage through the local markets as well as sampling the tapas and sangria. We’re taking the little one so we’re going to be kept busy entertaining hi.. Seeing his excitement of his holiday environment will be priceless.

We’ll return briefly to Germany before setting off on a car trip to beautiful Prague, Vienna and Budapest in Hungary. With the Syrian refugee crisis which has hit Europe, we’re sure to come across some interesting people who will have heart-wrenching stories to tell. The fabulous thing about being photographers is that we get to collect our memories on camera so that we can share them with all our followers and friends. We hope to inspire you to travel the world and collect your own experiences and memories.

Here a few pictures form our trip to the Loire Valley last year.
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