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Winter Blooms

I’m not a huge fan of winter. My ideal holidays are where I can wear summer dresses and bikinis. You’ll most likely catch me in black throughout most of winter. Needless to say how happy I was to be able to put on a floral, summery dress this week! 

Melbourne Winter equals Autumn

Our winter is a bit more like Autumn at the moment. The flowers, which are in bloom, give this season a spring feel. We are making the most of the weather and are heading out for a few photo shoots this week. There will be a few outfits which are not so wintery coming up soon.

Floral dress

In this shoot, I chose a simple, stretchy floral dress with ruching – which is great for hiding slight bulges around the tummy! The dress is from a store that my little girl likes – Supre. I picked it up this week while accompanying her with her into the shop for some tights and tops that she wanted. I haven’t bought something from this label for a very long time as it generally is too young for my taste.

So, when I saw this dress with the gorgeous floral print, I had to have it. The dress falls just below the knee, which is a length I prefer most in dresses and skirts. It will be something which I’ll wear while in Europe for their summer. Floral prints are just too beautiful not to wear all year long.

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Dress: Supre

Shoes: Wittner

Earings and bracelet: Lovisa

Bag: Valenti

Sunglasses: Chanel