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Creating A Unique Look – Fashions On The Field

Sometimes I’m so inspired to create something, that I develop tunnel vision and everything else is put aside until that creation is completed. When I was a regular Fashions on The Field entrant, I would create some of my own outfits. It’s been a while since I have been inspired to make time to create but I do really love seeing some gorgeous creations by other fashionistas doing really well in the Fashions On The Field Competitions.

Although last year’s Melbourne Cup FOTF competition was taken out by an off-the-rack Toni Maticevski dress (yes, that one which was worn by four different entrants in the Flemington competition), most of the entrants who do really well have designed or even created their own outfits. Being unique is definitely something which catches the eyes of the judges.

Being unique also catches the eyes of Fabulous Femme! We’ve showcased quite a few outfits from the FOTF competitions, most of those being a unique design. We’ll be featuring more one-off designs here on the blog to help inspire you with your own for the upcoming FOTF competitions or any other special occasion. You’ll get an insight into the design process of the contestant’s outfits and their thoughts on why they love being part of the FOTF scene.

Fabulous Femme would like to introduce you to:

Shauna Dennett

My whole outfit, including my headpiece, was made by a local dressmaker in Brisbane. My inspiration was taken from watching runway shows and collecting ideas from the latest style magazines. We worked together to create something different, something with an edge that reflected my personal style. It also had to be something quirky for the Melbourne Cup Carnival which is what I feel it’s all about. It’s a wonderful event and I have a great time there. This is an event where you can showcase your individuality.

The process of completing my outfit took a few months, from gathering ideas to the finished product. It took a while to work out which direction I wanted it to head in. But once it started coming together, it just starts to flow.

I have been competing in Fashions On The Field for about seven years now. My best friend got me into it as she had been competing and loved it. I have had a couple of successes in the local Brisbane competitions. Winning the NSW competition and onto coming second runner up overall at the Melbourne Cup Fashions On The Field in 2014 was my biggest and most exciting win.

It’s such an amazing experience to be a part of the Fashions on the Field competitions. Getting dressed up and soaking up all of the excitement of everybody else and their own outfits is super exciting. Each girl brings their own style and personality to the competition and you get to know some familiar faces that all add to a great day out full of friends and fashion.

Shauna’s Advice For Entering Fashions On The Field

My advice would be to stick to the traditional themes for the day. Make sure that you’re season appropriate but interpret it in your own way. Be different and don’t be afraid to express yourself. It’s all about having fun! When you’re up there on stage, as daunting as it feels, a big bubbly smile tops off any outfit! Those confident and happy personalities always catch my attention when I’m in the crowd. The whole experience should be enjoyed so make sure that you’re having fun with it!


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