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For an Australian fashion blogger, it’s amazing to be able to showcase and share my style from different parts of the globe. Having a partner who is European means that we get over to my favourite part of the world on a regular basis, to visit family and friends and enjoy some sightseeing.

Have you heard of my obsession with castles? Whenever we are in the vicinity of one, I’ll always head over for a fashion shoot. Call me a castle collector. Since there are no castles in Australia (let me know when you know about one), it makes this fashion blog that bit more interesting.

Outfit Shoot @Nymphenburg

The castle featured here is Nympheburg, in Munich (Germany). My other half lived in an apartment only a stone’s throw from this place! He’d often walk through the gardens of this castle to get to work. How wonderful would it be to enjoy such beauty on a daily basis!

Like most castles, it’s grand inside and out. The gardens are immaculately kept for you to stroll around and admire the lovely carved statues which it houses. There are swans and ducks wading around in the castle lake. It’s an extravagance fit for the royalty which resided there many years ago.

Australian Fashion Blogging is even more fun in Europe

This gorgeous, dusty pink leather jacket from Zara’s summer 2014 collection is a perfect transeasonal piece. It’s not yet available in Australia but you might be able to grab it online. The lightweight luxury leather keeps you warm on a moderately cool day. It’s a versatile jacket which I’m keeping for a while. I’ve worn it with jeans and a t-shirt for a casual look or over dresses. This time, I’ve teamed it with a silk taffeta puff skirt (a classic oldie from Feathers), a lace top (Dotti), and pointy patent flats (Country Road). The look is clean, lady-like and suitable for this beautiful & luxurious castle!

Make sure you take a look around the blog for more fashion shoots at different castles around Europe. Life as an Australian fashion blogger can be quite glamorous at times.

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