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Cobblestones and Flowers

Bamberg is one of those places which you want to visit again and again. There’s something special about strolling along Bamberg’s cobblestone streets which are lined with many quaint cafes, restaurants and shops. It’s also the town of the Piano Bar and Cafe where you will most likely get to hear Oliver Derks play the piano live for you!

I would highly recommend wearing some comfortable flat shoes, unless you are a Bamberg local who is comfortable in striding over those cobblestones in heels! Getting around those cobblestones in heels requires a lot of practice.

Bamberg is very much a tourist destination with stunning architecture at every turn. The shopping strip is small but has something to please everyone. Opt for the traditional Bavarian restaurants for their delicious roast dishes of pork or duck served with potato dumplings (knödel or klöß) and sauer kraut or rot kraut. These dishes are Bavarian specialties which I personally think is most delicious in Bavaria.

I have my favourite spots which I make a point in visiting each time I visit Bamberg. Being the castle addict that I am, the Neue Residenz (it was the home to Bamberg’s Prince-Bishops) and the Rosengarten that the building overlooks are at the top of my ‘must see’ list. Walk up the hill a little further, past apple and pear trees and you’ll come to the Bamberg Cathedral. There’s a cute little cafe at the top for refreshments and plenty of spots to view the red tiled roofs of Bamberg from.

At this particular time, the apple and pear trees were full of fruit and the small amount of vines were green. Close to the Cathedral, the small garden was bursting with colour. It was a perfect spot for photos in my Laelia floral printed shift dress from Elm. Ballet flats and handbag are from Ninewest.

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