Incorporate silver in your racing fashion outfit.

Silver Obsession

Yes, I’m obsessed with silver. Light grey will do too. It’s such a glamorous colour and goes with almost everything. You can wear it with pastels or mix it with black for a stark contrast. Silver combined with white looks luxurious. You can mix different shades of silver and different textures for a very luxurious look which would normally be reserved for a cocktail event but, on this occasion, I wore it to the races. You can wear just about anything you feel good in to the races!

Feel good racing fashion outfit

My ensemble consisted of a matt silver bubble hem dress, a sequinned bolero, patent leather heels, cocktail bag and a beaded vintage cocktail hat. Apart from the hat (which I created myself), the rest of the outfit was sitting in my wardrobe. This racing season, I’m trying not to go out and splurge on a new race-wear wardrobe. There are so many items which are sitting in my wardrobe, unworn or needs to be worn again. It will be my challenge to try and inject some new life into my existing pieces by mixing and matching them with other pieces. Throwing on a lovely hat or headpiece can do just that.

Gone are the days when I could wear a large hat

As a photographer, it’s hard to juggle a camera and a large hat. It’s even harder when I’m also wanting to look great for the blog! This silver combination outfit is definitely one of my favourites. My hat did not once get in the way of me taking beautiful photos. Wish I could say the same about the shoes! Wearing heeled shoes while taking photos can get a little tricky. Unfortunately, I haven’t got any flat shoes  which would go well with my gorgeous dress!

The Princes Wharf in Port Melbourne was the location chosen for this photo shoot. It’s somewhere not too busy and was neutral coloured in surroundings to compliment the silver tones which I was wearing. It was our first visit to this location and we can see that it’s a lovely spot for other photo shoots!

Be daringly glamorous this summer and throw on some silver or other metallics into your daywear. You may not want to go all out like I did at the races so here are some ways to throw a little sparkle on your every day wardrobe.

How to incorporate Silver into your daytime outfit

  • Silver shoes (sandals, heels or casual sneakers)
  • Silver soft leather clutch will work with a pair of jeans or a sundress.
  • Tops or t-shirts with a silver sheen. Some silver beading or sequins on tops adds a little loveliness to them.
  • Silver accessories (bracelets, earrings, necklaces). Pile them on!
  • A silver baseball cap can add glamour to a casual outfit.
  • Silver aviator sunglasses!

[big_text]Silver is quite in fashion this season so it won’t be hard to find something.[/big_text]

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Dress: Satch (no longer available)

Shoes: Wittner

Bolero: Vera Mont

Cocktail Hat: My own design

Bag: Aldo

Bracelet: Lovisa

Have a look at my pictures from the Fashions on the Field in Caulfield 2014.