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Bondi Tiger

Bondi is such a fabulous place! You could hang out on the beach all day as there are so many things going on. The waves are ideal for surfers and the sand is gorgeously soft and clean to sun bake on. When it gets too hot, you can stand in the water and let the waves crash into you. There’s some serious people watching to be had at Bondi Beach too! Look the part and you’ll be the one being watched!

 Growl Baby by Funkita

This Growl Baby one piece swimsuit from Funkita definitely belongs on the beach. How funky is the tiger on it! Funkita have a great range of swimwear for the serious swimmers and beach babes. Their swimsuits are chlorine resistant and feels like they would last for many laps in the pool.  It’s going to last longer for someone like myself who prefers to lounge by the pool rather than doing the laps! The durable fabric doesn’t give you the sensation that it’s going to slide off you when hit by a strong current, so I’d wear it surfing in the warmer months – when I learn how to surf!

Check out Funkita’s great range of swimsuits to suit every body type.

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growl baby

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