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Byron Bay Weekend Escape – Rainforest, Serenity & Fashion

Byron Bay – The Garden of Tranquility

Byron Bay 2015 – Earlier this year, we were treated to a weekend away in Byron Bay. We haven’t managed to get away during the earlier part of this year, so this short trip gave us a well needed break to recoup from a busy period. Travel is something we love to do on a regular basis. This year, we were considering giving our European holiday a miss as we travelled there twice last year. It was while we were holidaying in Byron Bay that we came to agree that life was just too short and airfares were so cheap, so we booked our overseas travel for September this year.

The boardwalks throughout the property of our luxury hotel (The Byron at Byron Resort and Spa) had us regularly wandering through the rainforest to our favourite destination – the Lotus Garden. The water lilies were just starting to bloom, creating a stunning scene of tranquility and inspiration. How I love the colour and sculptural form of the water lilies! I was so thrilled to discover that there masses of them floating in a pond and along the channel which runs within the rainforest. Due to the temperamental weather, most of the guests of the hotel chose to stay undercover so we had this space to ourselves. A few drops of water was not going to melt me!

Strolling around the lotus garden was best performed barefoot. Trying to walk along those platforms in heels is nearly impossible, the heels often get caught in the spaces of the boardwalk. Anyway, my bare feet kept the noise level down while I fluttered around the lilies in my floaty dress, enjoying the tranquility of my surroundings.

Inspiration Found – my dress

The gorgeous dress I’m wearing was one of my own creations. How I wish I had a little more time to create things! Once in a while, my creative desire just overcomes me and I’m head down towards my sewing machine until the jobs done. I find that the design process takes the best part of my garment construction. Any piece which I create has to have that ‘wow’ factor, so it requires a little bit of thinking. Plus, it’s not something which I do very often so ideas don’t come to me as quickly as I would like.

When I do create garments, I’m inspired by the great designers such as Dior and Oscar De La Renta. Toni Maticevski is also brilliant. It’s also hard to create something dramatic which you will get noticed in and can wear over and over again but I can see myself pulling out this beautiful dress for the upcoming Caulfield Cup or Melbourne Cup racing season. The dress was not created with any special occasion in mind, I just loved the colour and the fabric! I’m hoping there will be some more bouts of creativity and time to create a few more gorgeous outfits before then!

Fly Away – A little bit of luxury

Three nights away in Byron Bay from our normal routine was a great way to recharge our batteries. You don’t necessarily have to hop on a plane to enjoy a weekend away, but with such cheap airfares to local destinations, do yourselves a favour and fly. Flying to your destination makes you feel like you’re going on a proper holiday, even if it’s only a short flight away.

We’re looking forward to our overseas holiday which not coming soon enough! For all of you who cant get away, we’ll be sharing our travels with you as we go so that you can enjoy some of our wonderful sights as well. This time we’re heading back to Germany (our base), with some trips to Mallorca (Spain) and Prague (Czech Republic).

Hopefully, we’ll entice you to book your trip away.

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