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Fashion Conscious

Have you ever given a thought as to how that gorgeous item that you are about to purchase was produced? Not many of us do! It seems that most of us don’t care, until a retail giant makes us aware of it. H&M’s Conscious Collection range is all about that. It brings consciousness to how we consume when it comes to fashion. The fabrics they use in this collection is sustainable, therefor earth friendly, and they enforce fair wages in the production of the garments. So why is there still such a small range compared to the rest of the clothing which is sold in their stores? Is the rest of their collection not so earth conscious? 

H&M Summer Collection

During my recent trip to Germany,I couldn’t help but head to H&M to check out their latest summer range. Their amazing lace dress worn by their ambassador, Amber Valletta, in their latest campaign was nowhere to be found. I thought that maybe that it was due to Dresden being a smaller city so stock was limited but that was not the case. Looks like it was a piece which sold out before it hit the stores! Wonder if Australians will see it at all in 2014/2015? Will the Australian market get to experience the H&M that the rest of the world gets or do we totally miss out on the great stuff? I have still to visit the flagship store in Melbourne as I’m not prepared to join other Australians in queuing up for their winter collection. Yep, there was a long queue to get into the H&M store in Melbourne the last time I checked!

Conscious Collection

Among the items which I walked out with that day was this floaty tangerine dress from H&M’s Conscious Collection. The colour was the first thing which caught my eye. The fabric is quite unusual and very lightweight, allowing the slightest breeze to lift it. This is a trapeze style dress with a hi-low hemline, which I belted so that I wouldn’t look so lost in it. If you are tall and slim, the belt would not be necessary and you could wear it as a trapeze dress. There is silver metal piece at the neckline which takes away the need for neckwear.

I’ve chosen to style this dress with a pair do pastel pink kitten heels and a cream skinny belt. This dress definitely caught a lot of attention as I walked through the streets of the breathtaking city of Dresden, Germany. Oh, and this fabulous dress only set me back 20€! With prices like this, I’m sure more of the Conscious Collection would be desired by consumers!

Location: Semperoper Dresden

We settled on the square in front of the Semperoper Dresden (opera house). On the other side was the magnificent Dresden Cathedral. The architecture of this city was just amazing! We were lucky that it was mid-week and so there were not too many tourists standing around. Those that were present happily watched and also snapped away as we carried out our quick photo shoot.

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