portrait of lindi klimm

Lindy Klim @Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival

She’s a Balinese princess who looks and behaves just as a princess should! This beauty, along with her husband (Michael Klim), are some of my favourite people to photograph during the Melbourne Cup Carnival. They are always happy to shoot you a gorgeous smile when you snap away at them and they are always immaculately dressed!

Lindy Klim – D&G Outfit @Melbourne Cup

Even though I did love Lindi’s custom made Toni Maticevski dress on Derby Day (see it in my Myer Marquee blog post) , I’m a huge fan of this Dolce & Gabanna ensemble which she wore on Cup Day. The mosaic print skirt teamed with a delicate (see-through) lace top was perfectly accessorised with a gold Balenciaga headband and matching handbag.

Lindi, like many others at the Melbourne Cup Carnival this year, has opted for the small headband instead of the traditional hat or fascinator. Her Derby day headwear was a simple braid wrapped around her head like a headband! Regardless of headwear or not, Lindi Klim wins in the fashion stakes.

DandG outfit - Lindy Klim

linty klim outfit at the melbourne cup

fashion trends at the melbourne cup by Lindy Klim - D&G

portrait of lindy klim

Don’t forget to have a look at Lindy’s outfit on Derby Day … we snapped her in the Myer marquee.