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Cape it off

Normally I’d be wearing a light cardigan over an outfit such as this one, especially at the beach! This cape from Elm has a bit more playful and takes my lace shorts and t-shirt look from the beach to dinner out a nice beachfront restaurant in Port Melbourne.

Styling your outfit with a cape

The cape is light which makes it ideal for summer wearing. A cape is a fun item to finish off your look instead of using a wrap or jacket. There are a few colours which you can pick from to use as the main one for your outfit. I’m currently obsessed with mint green and fuschia pink at the moment so when I saw this cape, it was always going to be over mint green. This cape would also go well with the other colours which are splattered over it. You could style this cape with lime green, royal blue or burnt orange. The colours that I wouldn’t wear this cape with would be the pink of the cape as it would be pink over-kill, or black which is just too harsh and would clash with the pastels.

Patterns & Texture in Port Melbourne

Other patterns would only clash with this colourful item so keep your outfit plain. I’ve chosen to add a bit of texture by wearing it with this pair of divine lace shorts! A pair of denim shorts and a t-shirt would look fabulous this cape too.

Whether you are frolicking about at the beach, heading to a barbeque or a cocktail party, try adding this lovely cape to your look.

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Styling a cape for your outfit

Melbourne Blogger styles outfit with a cape


fashion blogger from melbourne, australia - styling a cape

Lace shorts: Valley Girl

T-Shirt: Seg’Ments

Sunglasses: Fendi

Cape: Elm