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Life’s Little Luxuries

Winter was never my favourite season. It’s just plain miserable and cold. Cold and sunny is fine, but cold and wet is blah. Until the day when we can take off to warmer weather for the entire winter, I knew that I had to find ways of coping. One of those ways was to be well equipped for the low temperatures and fill winter up with things to look forward to.

A Luxury throw

One of those things is a luxurious angora and wool throw from Bemboka. We discovered and fell in love with this throw on our recent trip to Byron Bay. Our hotel was generous enough to supply each room with one. These New Zealand made pieces of luxury are super warm, super soft and very light. The quality surpasses that of most throws I’ve come across.

Totally obsessed with the softness and quality of the throw, we knew we had to get our hands on one for our own home. These things aren’t cheap! It became a dilemma as to whether we fork out such an amount for a blanket! In the end, we figured that it’s an investment piece. We’re investing in our comfort and wellbeing, a small price to pay really.

The throw is used every day. We’re going to have to invest in another one as we’re fighting over it. Throws of lovely textures give your room a warmer look and a luxurious finish. If you’re thinking of getting some and don’t want to pay the high price, go for nice textured throws which compliment the colours of your living room. Make life simple by making sure your throws are machine washable (which the Bemboka throws are).

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Winter is not so unbearable now, with this little piece of added cosiness. Here’s some things which I can’t do without during winter:

My Winter Must Haves:

  • A down jacket which falls to my knees – My bottom gets cold so it’s long jackets for me in winter! Down or feather jackets keep me really warm. Everyone should have one!
  • Cashmere jumpers and scarves – Totally luxurious items which are worth investing in. Uniqlo have very reasonably priced cashmere tops.
  • Boots! – I’ve got a few pairs flats for day wear and heels for heading out. Team them with some skinny jeans or your favourite wool skirts. Just make sure you waterproof them to prevent water marks.
  • One classic winter coat – For me, it’s my black Thurley zip-through coat. I’ve had it for a while but it’s a timeless style. It’s a great coat for when I head out to special events.

Which items help you get through winter?