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Rose Garden

This rose garden in Bamberg (Bavaria, Germany) is one of the most beautiful rose gardens that I have been to. This rose garden is situated in the courtyard of the New Residence – a castle ! I had visited the gorgeous town of Bamberg on a previous visit but the flowers were not in bloom then. There are approximately four and a half thousand roses there! Apparently it’s one of the smaller rose gardens in Germany, but it’s definitley one of the most beautiful settings overlooking the old town of Bamberg. This location was just beautiful and I knew I had to return to see the garden in its full glory. What a spectacular show it put on for my return!

We arrived there quite late so the castle was closed for tours, but we had seen it already. Like all castles in Europe, it was pure opulence. The custom made, red silk dress which travelled there with me was just perfect to float around the garden in. I loved the floatiness of the the silk and how the setting sun shone through it’s sheer layers. Definitely princess-like!


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